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Indian Pitch and Putt Union, apex body of Pitch and Putt in India; member of 
International Pitch and Putt Association

Indian Pitch and Putt Union is non-profit organisation; Constituted in March 2011, New Delhi, India.

What is Pitch and Putt Golf?

With the purpose of connecting more people to the Golf, this format was accepted by R&A (the highest ruling authority of Golf in the world) in December 2010 when R&A recognised International Pitch and Putt Association. Pitch and Putt is also called ‘Nursery of Golf’ because this is a first step to learn Golf; at present its fastest growing competitive international sport. IPPA is having full-fledge annual circuit. Players want to participate from India need to have national licence issued by Indian Pitch and Putt Union.

Pitch and putt is Unconventional Golf (PAR-54) which is minutely dissimilar from Conventional Golf (PAR-72). Pitch and Putt is 18 hole PAR-54 format, it’s played in reduced course where distance of a hole is not more than 90 meters and combined length of 18 holes is lesser than 1200 meters. In conventional golf where player use three types of shots “Driving, Pitching and Putting”. In new format the player need not to “Drive” and rest remain the same. A player can only use 2 irons and 1 putter which make this game more challenging.  

Special Skills for Pitch and Putt

In Pitch and Putt a player need not necessitate use force, it’s more technical and require sharp strategies to win a game. Highly competitive quick game known for close encounters and require extra-ordinary capabilities to adopt fast changing situations and handle pressure of short game. 

Scope of Pitch and Putt in India

Land acquisition is an uphill task in urban India. Environmental issues like carbon footprint and lowering water table forced golf property developers to think differently from conventional courses, those necessitate large land parcels and substantial investment to develop and maintain the project. Pitch and Putt is the best Urban Model for Golf. According to a rough estimate approximately in India 65% to 75% proposed Golf development belongs to unconventional Golf.

Development Plans of IPPU

IPPU believes that sport is not only a recreational alternative but a way to develop personality and for many its way of life. We are passionate about the game and strictly follow regulations approved by international bodies i.e. IPPA and R&A.

IPPU policy to promote the sport is very strict and governed by different national/international regulations; though the federation of the sport understand importance of various activities at different level by other people/organisation/clubs but IPPU only endorse events those are up-to valid national/international parameters.

Courses/Clubs/Academies/Players need any information for IPPU endorsement/support may directly write to the Secretary General.